Terms of Payment

  1. A non-refundable deposit of $300 or full payment is placed on any of our puppies through  Zelle/Vanilla visa card or CVS store Visa Card.
  2. The deposit of $300 is valid for (14) calendar days only. If you need to talk to us for more time, please Text us on +1 540 987-6165 before proceeding with the deposit to approve the date for completion of payment.
  3. You will receive an email with an invoice for payment completion.
  4. The balance payment must be made within (14) calendar days or on the approved date. Failure to do this will result in loss of deposits and us putting the puppy up for sale
  5. Purchases made by the credit card option are shipped in the buyer’s name
  6. A puppy is placed on hold only when a client makes a deposit.

Refund and Exchange Policy 

We do not provide a refund of “any” paid amount for a puppy or exchange of a puppy for another puppy. As a result, you are encouraged to be sure of your selection from our numerous beautiful puppies.

However, we will exchange your puppy for another puppy If the puppy has developed a lethal illness prior to travel that puts him/her in a bad health condition. Please refer to the Health Guarantee page.

We always get an approximate value for the adult weight of our puppies. To fulfill this purpose, we use the International Teacup Puppy Weight Chart. The chart only provides an approximate or estimate value, hence, we do not and cannot guarantee that the approximate weight on each adult puppy is exact.

Once you make a full payment or place a deposit for a puppy, you unequivocally agree to these terms.

We, therefore, recommend that you review our puppies correctly by browsing their pictures and videos before making your choice.