I have been meaning to contact you for a while now. I cant tell you how pleased I am that I got went with my decision to purchase one of the puppy from your litter. Starr is what I have named him and he is absolutely delightful.welsh corgi for sale, Such a nice temperament and personality. I wanted to include a picture (taken about a month ago) and also say thank you again!
Michelle P.
I was shocked.I LOVE him!!!!!!!!! He slept with me on my pillow right next to my face. He is PERFECT!!!! So tiny I’m afraid I’m gonna break him. Thanks a million times he is worth every penny I paid. I didn’t realize you are my state, I have a friend from college who lives there too we visited her there many years ago it’s so pretty. Again thanks and I’ll send pics as he gets older. He truly is my Dream come true. Thanks,
Kelly Smith-PA
Helped pick the perfect pup, staying in touch through and after the whole process. Willing to go above and beyond for special requests on pictures and videos to help us make the best selection for our family and needs. 8 out of 5 stars! I have to say that in all my dealings with other breeders over the years, Corgi Puppies Villa is by far my favorite and puts so much passion and love into what they are doing.

Pat and Dave, Cincinnati, Ohio
He’s beautiful” VILLA CORGIES are amazing breeders “ they went above and beyond to answer every question! It took a village to get Frankie to mom “ we are so thankful that this puppy gave life back to mom after the deaths of our dad and her son.
I purchased Marcus from VILLA CORGIES and it was a great experience I would like to thank the staffs, for all their help. This is my first puppy and he is adorable, I would recommend VILLA CORGIES to anyone the staff are knowledgeable and very helpful

Coleman & Jenice - Iowa
We bought Graig, in March 20th. Besides being absolutely gorgeous,he is the love of our lives.welsh corgi for sale, My husband and I have not had luck with our past two dogs due to aggressive behaviors, and Graig has just wiped out all our worries. Others actually bring their dogs to us for socialization. His disposition and love of life is just beyond words. I am an avid runner, and he is my number one partner. 🙂 He retrieves my shoes and the leash. I have been asked eight times if he is from “VILLA CORGIES” and I proudly smile and say absolutely. We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful addition to our family. We look forward to number two.

Cherry Taylor
Hi, my husband and I was looking for my birthday gift. And we decided to get a new puppy. What better than a Corgi puppy. We then came across Corgi Puppies Villa and we also had the chance to talk with the breeders themself. Please let me start by saying; That anyone who might be interesting in getting a Pembroke welsh corgi puppy this is a good legal website to go to. Not only is it a good one but also they are good breeders and very responsible for all their puppies as well. And any questions you might have they will know. And when they ship out our little one. They did an awesome job. We received our new puppy in a new clean crate and very secure. We all are very happy =} with our new member of our family. Zoe is and always will be our pride and joy. :} Thank You!

Adams, V- Canada
If you are lucky enough to get a dog from the Corgi Puppies Villa team, your life will be complete.welsh corgi for sale,,Everyone has an opinion about what a dog should be, Corgi Puppies Villa is your wish come true. My dog is very smart, has a great personality and people who are afraid of dogs in my family love this dog. Daniel Welsh Corgi Home told me his dogs were bred for personality and demeanor. This is true. The girls at the vet's office see dozens of dogs a day and they love this dog. He is big for a puppy, house trained in two weeks and the most affectionate dog I have ever had. I can not say enough how happy I am. I have been around dogs my entire life and if you can get one of this line you will be lucky and glad you made the right choice. I feel lucky and blessed and I would not be any happier if I won the lottery.
Jerry Martin-Ohio
Our little Daisy Corgi Puppies Villa! has been an absolute blessing in our lives. She loves people and dogs, especially kids. We’ve had a blast taking her to obedience and puppy agility classes as she is a joy to train and work with. The instructors are impressed with her level of intelligence and ability to learn. At home, she is so much fun to play with and be around. She is such a cuddler and loves to just be with her family. I would recommend a corgi from Dunn’s to anyone interested in having one. Thank you
Samantha- NY
After months of looking for a Corgi breeder we felt we could trust, we discovered Purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis Home. Jay and Samantha are Exactly what one should look for in a breeder. They're knowledgeable, caring, responsible and passionate about her "babies". The two Aussie pups we got from Them (purchased at different times) are healthy and beautiful and have brought us much joy. We feel extremely lucky to have found Corgi Puppies Villa and highly recommend them and their dogs. Thanks once more Corgi Puppies Villa you are the best love, you guys.

Tatiana Yolan- CA
Hello “Hector came to me from Corgi Puppies Villa, They helped me find just the right puppy at just the right time for an affordable price. I had looked and looked for the right puppy but refused to pay what some breeders were asking. Hector is so smart, very lovable, and the most adorable puppy I have ever seen! Everyone loves her. Thanks
We are so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to take Rayah home from Corgi Puppies Villa! She is an amazing dog, and we love her so much! It’s hard to believe she is already 10 months old now! Jeanette is so great with the dogs and a wonderful breeder and trainer! Thank you so much!!!
Tyler & Heidi- WA

A reputable breeder will certainly have as many, if not more, questions for you as you have for them. Please be open and honest about yourself and your lifestyle. The breeder will want to place each puppy in the most suitable, permanent home possible for that puppy… and each puppy in a litter is different.

Make the breeder aware if the puppy is intended purely as a companion or if you also, for example, might like to dip a toe into the worlds of showing, agility or obedience. Again, not every puppy in a litter will suit each activity. If the puppy is to be a companion only try to be open-minded in terms of the colour and gender you will consider- carefully bred and reared Pembroke puppies are not plentiful … and that is the sort you ought to be wanting.